We distinguish two forms of live workshops: hands-on workshops and workshops with pre-recorded edited videos. 

Live hands-on workshops  
In these live workshops, we train a wide spectrum of techniques, perform surgical and endovascular procedures, carry out diagnostic tests, teach seizing and planning, and discuss clinical decision making with teachers and tutors present in Maastricht, the Netherlands. In 12 high tech studios, delegates will be digitally present on screens, in direct audio visual contact with the tutors and fellow-participants, wherever they are in the world. The teachers instruct and guide the delegates, step-by-step, through each workshop and even give live feedback on how they perform back home.

Such sessions will have a specific maximal number of participants digitally present in the studio (for example between 20 and 40). Why a limited number of participants? Because it has to be manageable by the teachers, who will communicate and interact with these 20-40 delegates. 

After registration (click here), you can choose seats (first come, first serve) in your preferred workshops. You will then receive an E-learning module which describes the content of the workshop and how you can prepare, assisted with specific links, websites, and literature. In many live workshops you will also receive specific tools and materials at home or your hospital, to be used during the sessions on March 7 and 8, 2021.

If the digital seats in these workshops are fully booked, you can still register, receive the E-learning module and participate, however, without audio visual presence in the studio.  

Pre-recorded edited videos 
We have specific vascular subjects and techniques which can be better exposed by means of pre-recorded edited videos. These edited movies will be moderated live, by experts in the field. Delegates are digitally present and involved in the question-and-answer discussions. An interactive voting system will address statements and recommendations, generating lively, online interaction.
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