Arterial | Workshop Program 2021
15:00 - 15:45 Studio 3
Sunday, March 7, 2021
Radiation safety and vascular imaging skills – Simulation workshop
Moderators: D Kotelis , I Harel (Ext.)

Goal: to discuss and demonstrate radiation safety principles and angiographic imaging skills for peripheral and aortic endovascular procedures, via case demonstrations using ANGIO Mentor endovascular simulator. Following the workshop, pre-registered participants will be able to connect to an e-simulation (cloud-based) site and practice a hands-on simulated virtual task.


  • Radiation safety principles
  • Hands-on case presentation of a simulated SFA case with emphasis on radiation safety principles
  • Lower extremity angiographic imaging – Iliac/SFA case – demonstration using a simulated case
  • EVAR angiography principles for accurate stent-graft deployment: real case presentation (video)
  • EVAR Angiography demonstration using a simulated case 
  • Demonstration of an e-simulation (cloud-based) case hands-on task

A PDF specifying basic radiation safety is available down below.
A link for e- simulation login:

Studio seats: 18
Online participants: unlimited

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