Arterial | Workshop Program 2021
15:00 - 16:30 Studio 1
Monday, March 8, 2021
Open AAA repair hands on workshop
Moderators: E Mujagic , K Klemm

In today’s endovascular era, learning open AAA surgery is an ever-increasing challenge for young vascular surgeons and training outside of the operating room is becoming increasingly important. In this workshop, in teams of two participants, you will be guided live from the broadcasting studio in Maastricht by experienced vascular surgeons. An abdominal model and a AAA inlay of the Vascular International School will be used both by the tutors as well as by the participants. These models will be located in 7 dedicated European hubs (Vienna, Ludwigsburg, Bern, Bizkaia, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Groningen) Therefore, when registering, keep in mind that the number of seats for this workshop is limited.

If seats are fully booked, you can still join the workshop, however, you will not be audio visually present in the studio.

Goal: The goal is to learn a safe technique to implant an infrarenal bifurcated graft to replace a AAA


  • Introduction    
  • Edited video of real-life open AAA repair
  • Division of aorta
  • Back wall of proximal  anastomosis
  • Front wall of proximal anastomosis
  • Distal anastomosis left
  • Distal anastomosis right
  • Discussion / Q&A

Tools: All tools at the hubs are provided by EVC, Vascular International and Getinge.

Preparation: Link to video on open AAA

If you register as an observer and want to perform the procedure as well, you will need the following materials which you will have to acquire independently:

  • 1 styrofoam pad ~10x20x1cm
  • Some fixing pins
  • 1 (part of an) aortic graft (Dacron or PTFE, bifurcated or tube)
  • 1 needle holder
  • 1 forceps
  • 1 surgical scissors        
  • 1 mosquito clamp
  • 5 Prolene 3-0 sutures
  • Non-sterile gloves

We suggest you use one part of your graft as such and the other part as if it was the aorta. Pin the latter to the styrofoam pad and perform one or several anastomoses between the two (or more) parts of the graft as shown in the live stream from Maastricht.

Studio seats: 24
Online participants: unlimited

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