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Special Event : 3D Surgical Movies

Using 3D cameras we will record open complex aortic and deep venous reconstructions and demonstrate these high definition edited movies in the main auditorium.

EVC 2017 Ipad winner

The difficult EVC quiz was correctly completed by 258 delegates and the winner is Maday Cabrero from Spain and she wins the Ipad.


EVC 2017


EVC 2018 preliminary program EVC 2018 preliminary program (2 Mb) EVC Statistics 2017 EVC Statistics 2017 (190 kb)

UEMS Section and Board of Vascular Surgery FEBVS Examination - Fellow of European Board of Vascular Surgery

FEBVS Examination - Fellow of European Board of Vascular Surgery


In order to apply for the FEBVS Examination, the candidate must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be in possession of a CCST/CCT (Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training / Certificate of Completion Training) or equivalent certificate in Vascular Surgery or General Surgery (in countries where Vascular Surgery is not an independent specialty) issued by the relevant body governing the legal CCST/CCT
  • Be eligible (within 6 months of application) for a valid national CCST/ CCT or equivalent certificate in vascular surgery or general surgery and must provide a signed confirmation by 2 trainers (in English)
  • Training Programme - for Candidates of non UEMS countries (in English)

Compulsory documents:

  1. Evidence of nationality (clear copy of passport or ID)
  2. Birth certificate or equivalent documentation
  3. CCST/CCT or equivalent certificate in vascular surgery or general surgery
  4. Training Programme - for Candidate of non UEMS countries (in English)
  5. Letter from the approved national vascular society (in English) confirming the CCST/CCT
  6. Application form (available on

Examination Structure

There are five sections to the examination:



Maximum score


Review a paper from a journal


Clinical Cases

Vivas on 4 clinical cases: Aortic, Lower Limb, Endovascular and Miscellaneous


Overall Viva

Viva on several topics


Open Technical

Practical surgical skills test on three models: aortic anastomosis, femoro-distal anastomosis and carotid endarterectomy



Practical endovascular skills test on a model


Total score


For the academic section will be given a paper and allowed 25 minutes to read it and make notes. The viva will be presented on a laptop, using a series of PowerPoint slides and will last 20 minutes.

The assessment will be in two parts:

  1. Description of the study, the methodology and statistical analysis;
  2. the results, discussion and the applicability of the study to current practice.

The clinical cases are presented on a laptop using Powerpoint. Each viva lasts 15 minutes. The overall viva will cover any aspect of vascular surgery and be presented on a laptop using PowerPoint. Each overall viva will last 25 minutes.

Each open technical assessment will last 30 minutes. You are advised to bring your own loupes for these technical assessment as none will be available on the day of the Exam.

The assessors will provide assistance at your request but will not guide you through the operation. Plenty of time is allowed for the procedure and you are advised that it is not a race to finish first.

The endovascular assessment is a task using standard wires and catheters. After a practice run to familiarize the Candidate with the model the task is repeated with two different pairs of assessors.

Each Examiner will score each aspect of the clinical examination with a score from 4 to 8 (using marking descriptors) with 6 representing a pass, 8 being an outstanding performance and 4 or 5 being a fail.

To pass the examination a Candidate must achieve all of the following:

  1. A total score of at least 144 out of the maximum possible 192;
  2. pass at least two of the three open technical assessments;
  3. to pass at least 4 of the 5 sections.

Dress Code

This is a professional Examination and the Candidate should be dressed accordingly. Jeans are not allowed.

Next FEBVS Examination

The next exam will take place in Maastricht, The Netherlands on the 3rd of March 2018 in the venue of the European Vascular Course which starts on the 4th of March.

  • The application should be submitted through the website until the 15th of December 2017.
  • Please note that we have a limited number of places. Priority is given to the ones that sent all the compulsory documentation as well as the payment receipt by the deadline.
  • Applications that do not meet the deadlines above will not be considered.

Office - UEMS Section and Board of Vascular Surgery

Telephone: 00351 933 955 850