Vascular Access | Workshop Program 2021
17:30 - 18:15 Studio 5
Sunday, March 7, 2021
Creating arteriovenous fistulas using VasQ™ External Support
Moderators: J Tordoir , A Remuzzi (Ext.) , R Shahverdyan (Ext.) , A Mallios (Ext.)

Goal: to learn how hemodynamic patterns at the arteriovenous anastomosis impact clinical outcomes in vascular access surgery and to learn how to use the VasQ™ External Support to create a more favorable hemodynamic situation.

Interactive video workshop


  • Presentation on hemodynamics at the arteriovenous anastomosis using MRI-based computational modeling
  • Prerecorded video of VasQ™ External Support implantation
  • Presentation of evidence on VasQ™ External Support
  • Panel discussion of tips and tricks with audience participation

Studio seats: 24
Online participants: unlimited

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